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granite countertop installation

Granite characteristics include strength and durability. It’s a unique and elegant natural stone. It’s also one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest stones available.

The looks obtained from using granite are versatile. From an unassuming elegance to a bold “look at me” statement. That means it is at home in a country farm house as well as in a modern high rise. It’s all about the color and texture you choose.

It is most commonly used for countertops, flooring, window sills, shower surrounds, islands, fireplaces, bar tops, benches and monuments because of its outstanding durability.

Figure out what your preferred color is and then look at textures or patterns in this color range. The pattern will change the whole look and feel of your room.

Tom Cyprich

Upgraded my kitchen countertop and island. Looks awesome: professional work: very neat. Little more expensive than other places, but went with Penn because Matt was nice to deal with, and wanted my business more than the other places. Thank you Penn Granite. Will definitely recommend.

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